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Babbling Brookie

For fans of singer-songwriter Brooke White.

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Fans of singer-songwriter and American Idol finalist Brooke White.

"The beautiful thing about Brooke White is, her story tells itself. She is living and breathing the same dream that she has reveled in since her childhood. Music is her love, her pain, her joy and her sorrow. It is her life, unguarded and open, vulnerable..." - Paul Gargano

As a top five finalist on the seventh season of "American Idol," Brooke White won the hearts of fans around the world with performances that were passionate, vibrant and strikingly beautiful. She returns July 21st with High Hopes & Heartbreak, a rapturously tuneful album that sees Brooke channeling a few idols of her own -- Carole King, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and Elton John. The result is a stunning collection of songs brimming with warm, indelible melodies and hooks that stick after a single listen.

Welcome to babblingbrookie, a community for fans of singer-songwriter and American Idol Season 7 Finalist Brooke White. Feel free to post any news, media, graphics along with anything else that pertains to Brooke!

Brooke's album "High Hopes and Heartbreak" (featuring the singles "Hold Back My Heart" and "Radio Radio) is now available in stores and online!

Please be considerate by using lj-cuts and tags when posting. Also, be respectful and kind towards your fellow members (the way Brooke would like you to!) :)